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Who Doesn’t Like Free Press?

Profiling a chef is one of my writing responsibilities. You would think people with the confidence and egos as theirs it would be easy – it’s not! Maybe the publication I’m writing for isn’t a big city paper or CNN, but it’s legitimate. So I’m chasing down chefs and restauranteurs who don’t know me for a review. In turn, I’m getting unreturned phone calls and the metaphorical door slammed in my face.

Maybe because I haven’t practice public relations in some time, but I always thought keeping your name out there positively is good public relations. Especially since I work for an online publication I would want my name out as much as possible. I share my name with a realtor in the midwest. If you Googled it she would appear. I want to be the “Dana Prophet” and people automatically think “food writer” one day. These hard-to-speak to chefs should feel the same.

Many that I worked with thought they were rock stars. What better way to make a name for yourself and add to your portfolio than to once again get your name and experience out there. If a certain big name restaurant reviewer made the same call they would drop everything for an on-the-spot interview.

I will keep trying to attain the interview until them. I’m not too worried about it. I know my name doesn’t hold much weight … for now.


A New Hope …

So after a long and fun journey I have decided to retire Let Them Eat Cake. It was a difficult decision to make. When I started the blog my intention was to become a pastry chef. I worked hard and graduated at the top of my class. I quickly found a job and continued working in the industry for 3 years.

I soon realized that although I loved the work, there were also many bad and unchangeable facts. After a really bad bought of eating something really bad and working through my illness because I could not afford take off I left the food industry and returned to my past career as an editor and copy writer.

Once again I have a steady paycheck, decent money, and healthcare, but I still didn’t feel that I was reaching my potential. Misusing or, even worse not using, your talents to it’s full potential to me is the 8th Deadly Sin. Recently when listed a posting in search of a freelance Restaurant Reviewer in the Chestnut Hill and Plymouth-Whitemarsh area I applied and received the beat.

Now I am reinventing myself for the umpteenth time (until I get it right). I decided to combine my two loves: writing and food. I refuse to give up until I get it right.


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Welcome To Hood Hangouts

This blog was created because I grew tired of watching food and tourism shows that only feature three locations in Philadelphia ad nauseam : Pat’s, Geno’s, and The Reading Terminal Market.

I’ll give you Reading Terminal, but anyone who has Yuengling running through their veins will tell you Pat’s and Geno’s are only for tourists.

Don’t get me started on the tourists who visit The Philadelphia Museum of Art just to run up the steps like Rocky. That’s another blog entry for another day.

I will take you to places only the locals know about and hold dear. Off the beaten track so to speak. So grab your overpriced SEPTA pass and appetite – it’s time to eat.

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