Who Doesn’t Like Free Press?

27 Jul

Profiling a chef is one of my writing responsibilities. You would think people with the confidence and egos as theirs it would be easy – it’s not! Maybe the publication I’m writing for isn’t a big city paper or CNN, but it’s legitimate. So I’m chasing down chefs and restauranteurs who don’t know me for a review. In turn, I’m getting unreturned phone calls and the metaphorical door slammed in my face.

Maybe because I haven’t practice public relations in some time, but I always thought keeping your name out there positively is good public relations. Especially since I work for an online publication I would want my name out as much as possible. I share my name with a realtor in the midwest. If you Googled it she would appear. I want to be the “Dana Prophet” and people automatically think “food writer” one day. These hard-to-speak to chefs should feel the same.

Many that I worked with thought they were rock stars. What better way to make a name for yourself and add to your portfolio than to once again get your name and experience out there. If a certain big name restaurant reviewer made the same call they would drop everything for an on-the-spot interview.

I will keep trying to attain the interview until them. I’m not too worried about it. I know my name doesn’t hold much weight … for now.


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