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(More) Beer Comes to Chestnut Hill

I live in the Northwest part of Philadelphia. When people hear “north” and “west” Philadelphia they think of a war zone with poor people. In actuality it’s the poor man’s Main Line (read: well-off people who aren’t as quite rich and middle class people who have to work for a living to keep their homes).

In all seriousness I love the area. I love it even more for the fact that Iron City Brewery will open it’s doors in January.

My only complaint about the Chestnut Hill area is that there are so many banks. Seriously. I don’t understand why there are so many banks in such a small neighborhood. You will never hear me say that about a brewery.

Considering there is are two pubs next door to each other (try the Schmitter – you won’t regret it) each other and two more not too far away, it gives the denizens of Chestnut Hill a reason to have a pub crawl.

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