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The Bad Rap With White Bread


Milk Bread

Made with dried fruit and walnuts.



As a child of the 70s and 80s, white bread was the most popular and (at times) only bread. When people started obsessing about their health is when multigrain came on the scene and wheat bread became more popular.

Pain au lait is a far cry from the mushy white bread most people are familiar with. Although not a healthy alternative, pain au lait is a versatile and delicious to its healthy brethren.

The literial translation of pain au lait is milk bread. Pretty basic for such a rich bread. Unlike broiche, which is also on my list last meal components, this bread isn’t difficult to make and is very simple.

Two of my other favorite breads, French and wheat, are easily done by hand. This white bread is so rich that a sticky mess can be avoided by using a stand mixer with the bread hook.

By the way, I think bread machines should be verboten. There are no better ways to release your frustrations by beating 2 pounds of bread dough. After all you have to build up the gluten somehow!

In this case the mixer took care of building the gluten and as a result I created a bread that is versitie to your taste. You can use this bread to make hotdog, hamburger, or dinner rolls.

I wanted something more rustic and added dried blueberries, cranberries, raisins, and walnuts. With a milk wash it finished it off with sanding sugar before placing it in the oven.

Try pain au lait and tailor it to your taste and moods.

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